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Pathways has inspired, empowered, and transformed over 35,000 lives in its 35+ year history.

Hear directly from our graduates what has made Pathways such a transformative experience!

“Before coming to Pathways, I was doing well in my life in terms of marriage and work, but life was taking it’s toll on me in a way that was making me old before my time. All of my disappointments in life seemed to be really hard to get over – like not being able to have children and having my company sold and then dissolved. Basically, I was stuck in suffering through losses and unable to really get out from under a cloud of grief. I also tended to be nervous in groups and uneasy in social situations – which made having new friends difficult. Being that we didn’t have children, we had a real need for family and community that was like a big hole in our life. The hardest issue was that if I was around people that were angry for any reason, it caused me to pull away. This caused problems personally and professionally, as it made me only comfortable with really calm, “nice” people. Last, but not least, my marriage had always been a bit of a partial commitment, that I was never sure really fit me well – and I was more distant from my husband than I openly recognized.

A friend from work suggested Pathways as something I’d enjoy – even if I already knew most of it. Since it was put out as something that I’d like doing – it seemed easy to go ahead and sign up. My Basic Course gave me a chance to really move through some of the losses that had happened and let them go for good. It also showed me that there was a big gap in how I felt about my marriage compared to what I was saying openly to my husband. By finally taking a honest look at the fears and concerns that were between us, we became much closer and could begin to really build the relationship we both wanted.

Since going to Basic several years ago, I’ve been able to create a life that is much more fulfilling and has a lot more fun in each day. I have more friends than I would have ever thought would be possible for someone like me who hates to make new friends. My career has flourished since I’ve gained the confidence to deal with a wide variety of people and can accept myself and others much more easily. “My marriage has been the greatest gift from Basic, because our home is now a place of complete commitment and a loving relationship with more closeness than we ever had before. Since my husband has also gone to Basic, he has also built the skills to show how he much he cares on a daily basis and we steer away from creating needless conflicts that were really a way used to relieve stress.” I have lost my doubts about why I married my husband and now know – it’s because we create the home together we both want to enjoy for as long as life allows.”

Pathways Seminars - Testimonials - Cheryl Jekiel
Cheryl Jekiel
CEO of Lean Leadership Center

“I was at a turning point in my life where I needed perspective based on who I thought I was vs. how I was showing up in my relationships. I attended Basic followed by Advanced in 2002, and keeping momentum on my growth with Leadership in 2003. The courses opened new dreams inside of me and my life took off. I had never valued my talents and shied away from the lime light never having the confidence to follow through with my dreams.

After attending the classes all that changed. Each goal I set led me closer to living the life I was meant to live. I began my journey by changing careers and starting over with culinary school. I moved to France to study under an amazing chef and learned about whole ingredients. This stirred my passion for “clean, simple and sexy cooking”! In 2005 I opened a culinary studio that I used to explore the various ways food can bring people together and ultimately change lives. As I began to transform professionally, personally my life changed as well. I participated in cross training, marathons and triathlons and in 2009 I earned the esteemed title of Ironman!

By accomplishing so many of the goals I set out to achieve, I’ve been so fortunate that my story has connected with so many others. From local to national television appearances to magazines and trade publications, I share my passion for simple foods, prepared healthfully.

From being named an “Industry Innovator” to winning a nationally televised Weight Watchers Cooking Competition., I’ve been recognized as “The New Face of a Healthy Cooking”. Though my work doesn’t completely define me, I can tell you that being in alignment with my purpose is what makes my accomplishments so special to me. I can tell you that my journey has not been easy by any means. But I can also tell you that with all of the tools and lessons I’ve learned, I am living the life I had always dreamed, but never thought was possible. It all started with doing something differently, for once in my life, by simply attending a weekend course called Pathways.”

Pathways Seminars - Testimonials - Ryan Hutmacher
Ryan Hutmacher
“The Centered Chef”

“The Pathways Leadership Course has brought many things to my life. Now 14 months after completing the course, I have a job I enjoy, and a leadership team who support and care about my growth. It also gave me the opportunity to take all the tools I gained in the Basic and Advanced Courses and put them into practice. I am now able to ask for what I want personally and at work, and also hold people accountable for the things they said they were going to do, but in a loving and caring way. This opportunity to “practice” was invaluable and I carry these tools with me daily.”

Pathways Seminars - Testimonials - Candace Barnes
Candace Barnes
Diversity Recruitment Program Manager

“My wife, Michiyo, and I took Basic and Advanced together. It changed our lives. Since then we have gone through many transitions, moving from Ohio to Japan and then Los Angeles. We had fallen out of practicing what we had learned in Pathways and wanted a chance to reconnect. We were hoping pathways Couples could help us with this.

It did that and more. It reconnected us and made us more intimate. Beyond that, it gave us the tools to communicate and resolve our differences and talk through our issues.
I would highly recommend the course to anyone that has taken the Basic or Advanced programs. It will be a great learning experience and bring you closer as a couple.”

Pathways Seminars - Testimonials - Mitch & Gary
Mitch & Gary Evert

“I strongly recommend Pathways corporate and public courses to HR leaders and organizations interested in optimizing the performance of their employees, leaders and teams. I have often said that I wish everyone I work with and care about in my life would attend one of these programs. If they did, we would all be better able to achieve outcomes beyond our imaginations, professionally and personally.

Each course is built on a foundation that teaches participants to look at what they are doing or not doing in their lives and how they show up in relation to others that is getting in their way of achieving the things they say are important to them and/or team goals. Participants learn fundamental skills around how to hold oneself and others accountable, how to communicate to achieve desired outcomes, how to support colleagues in achieving goals and how to come from a place of personal leadership in all that one does to achieve the best possible outcomes.

I have used the corporate course with a global team of HR leaders from all over the world helping the overall effectiveness of the team to go up. I also encourage and support employees in attending the public courses because I know when they do, they will come back on fire to deliver even greater things in their lives and to our company. I have seen it over and over again the impact of these courses on the overall health and performance of people and organizations.”

Pathways Seminars - Testimonials - Susan Schmitt
Susan Schmitt
Group Vice President, Head of Human Resources

“I have worked with Sue in several capacities including as a client, as a service provider, and as a colleague. Sue is a dedicated, committed, compassionate, and powerful person who has inspired and supported me in achieving personal and professional dreams I had previously thought unreachable. Additionally, Sue and the Pathways organization have supported my family, friends, and co-workers in creating the same dramatic results in their own lives that I have seen in mine.”

Pathways Seminars - Testimonials - Troy Hardeman
Troy Hardeman
Chief Information Officer

“Because of Pathways, I have seen many things change in every aspect of my life. The most obvious and measurable has been financially. Not only did my income increase by more than 300%, but because of Pathways, I learned to keep accountable to a budget which relieved financial stress and allowed my girlfriend and I to begin paying off overwhelming debt.
Pathways tools not just saved the relationship with the love of my life once, but twice. Because of Pathways, we are on a road to creating the kind of relationship we both want, while raising our son together. Today we are engaged to be married and the closeness we now have is one we never had before and I personally never thought would exist.

I have been fortunate enough to be a part of a family which my parents, 2 older brothers, myself, my fiancée, and younger sister have all gone through the courses. We have had several horrible tragedies in my family that I have seen rip other families apart. But we as a family have supported one another and have gotten through it. Our bond and love as a family becomes greater every time we have worked through these tragedies. I can honestly say that if it was not for Pathways, we would not be a family anymore at all. No contact with one another, parents divorced, no family in any way. The unconditional love I have received from my family and through these courses is one I hope everyone will experience one day.”

Pathways Seminars - Testimonials - Derek Cahill
Derek Cahill
CEO & Founder
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