Leadership Course

Are You Ready to Become a Powerful Leader?

Congratulations, you have graduated from Pathways Basic and Advanced courses! Now you are ready to gather those tools and experiences and immerse yourself in Leadership. This course is focused on outward relationships. You will discover and cultivate your strengths to step out as an effective leader. What does it look like when we hold others accountable from a place of caring rather than blame? Taking responsibility for our actions and decisions even if we fail so we may learn to create the life we want. Shifting from classroom to application in the real world is extremely powerful. Truly effective leadership is learning how to inspire others, gain confidence and engage people by what motivates them.

Leaders are kind, courageous and full of heart. They possess a vulnerability that connects them to all people and supports powerful and positive interactions. Leadership teaches students how to use what they have learned and create more solid relationships with those around them. Strong foundations have both people holding each other accountable, asking and accepting feedback, taking responsibility for their actions and creating agreements that work. Through open dialogues, confidence and commitment to their own purpose and mission, these new leaders affect real change by implementing an authentic approach to being in the world and interacting with others.

Pathways Courses - Leadership Course - cultivate your strengths
Pathways Courses - Leadership Course - inspire others to live their best life
Pathways Courses - Leadership Course - cultivate your strengths

Learn powerful skills to develop your emotional intelligence and true leadership potential through multiple educational modalities. Creating and maintaining a successful team is truly possible. Imagine actually enjoying closer family relations…Finding the right people to fit your company culture…Holding yourself and others accountable is 100% possible when you create agreements that work. Resolving conflict peacefully is win-win for all. Stepping out as a leader with this new mindset will provide you with an incredible approach to guide you in living your best possible life!

Pathways offers the Leadership Course twice throughout the year. This course happens over a three-month period, one weekend per month, with over 50 cumulative hours dedicated to class time. In addition to that we offer 60 days of support dedicated to cultivating and supporting those around you. Additionally, 60 days of support in standing up for what you believe. Learning skills and tools to inspire others to live their best life, build stronger teams, and make a positive impact in their communities. Ready to courageously lead your team, your family or your community toward increased productivity and achieving their best life?

Pathways Courses - Leadership Course - courageously lead your team
Pathways Courses - Leadership Course - hold others accountable
Pathways Courses - Leadership Course - inspire others to live their best life
The Pathways Leadership 3 Month Experiential Weekends
  • A dynamic integration of the Basic and Advanced experiences
  • Practice Accountability with others
  • Ask for feedback
  • Communicate openly with others
  • Enhance current strengths and aspirational skills
  • Create a personal purpose and mission statement
  • Peaceful conflict resolution
  • Stepping out as a leader to inspire family, friends and teams
  • Each person has attended the Basic Course weekend and graduated
  • Each person has attended the Advanced Course retreat and graduated
Pathways Courses - Leadership Course - courageously lead your team

Leadership Course Success Stories:

“It’s been a bit more than a year since I took the Basic Course and to date I’ve completed the Advanced and Leadership Courses. The experiences I’ve had and people that I’ve met have been and are simply remarkable.

Coming in a year ago, I was working in the corporate world in a high stress environment, but didn’t really feel like anything was seriously ‘wrong’ with my life. As it turns out, I learned so much about myself and how I communicate with others that I’ve improved my quality of life and my relationships with those around me exponentially!

My stress level is lower, I’ve created infinitely closer relationships with those around me, and my overall outlook on life is far more positive and I am achieving things I never thought possible!

There really isn’t a bigger gift that you could give yourself by attending Basic – it opened up a whole new chapter in my life as I continue to grow!”

Pathways Seminars - Testimonials - Kat Dudkiewicz
Kat Dudkiewicz

“For me, the Leadership Course was by far the most powerful experience I’ve ever had in personal growth. To learn communication techniques that deepen relationships and draw others near even when there are difficult conversations that need to take place was an invaluable gift! The best part is that after I learned these skills, I was able to take them into my ‘real world’ and practice them while having the full love and support of my entire class to celebrate my successes and coach me through my struggles.

I practice the skills I learned at Leadership daily in my career, at home with my family and helping others be their personal best. If you want to find the courage inside yourself to do the great things you were made for, attend the Leadership Course. You will not be sorry!”

Pathways Seminars - Testimonials - Jodi Hall
Jodi Hall
Associate Wealth Management Advisor


We have both Virtual and In-Person Leadership course options.

A $200 USD non-refundable deposit reserves your place in the class. Payment plans are available for those who cannot pay in full.

The balance of payment is due two weeks prior to the date you will be attending. Tuition for Leadership is non-refundable.

Virtual Leadership
In Person Leadership