Couples Course

Ready to reignite the flame and create deeper intimacy?

Loving relationships thrive by learning new communication tools and creative ways to spark a couple’s greater intimacy. Discovering exciting new ways to connect, live joyfully and have fun together keeps your relationship fresh and thriving. For some couples, it’s learning how to really listen to each other without digital distractions. For others, it is understanding how your partner wants to be loved, feel loved and valued. Keeping the spark alive in loving relationships is so important. Our relationships either motivate us or cause us pain, which directly affects our families and our personal and professional success.

Pathways Courses - Couples Course - create deeper intimacy
Pathways Courses - Couples Course - learning new communication tools
Pathways Courses - Couples Course - create deeper intimacy

Pathways offers the Couples Experiential Weekend once during the calendar year. The weekend welcomes couples who are ready to see all sides of each other, learn to navigate the issues that naturally happen in relationships, and are open to loving each other on a deeper level. Imagine creating greater emotional and physical intimacy together.

Understanding each other and working together to build stronger foundations so you are living your best life possible together. Whether you are in a new relationship or if you have been together for years, creating this deeper level of intimacy is critical in your foundation. If you happen to be at a point where you have stopped sharing and putting one another as priority, it might feel as if some of your close and loving feelings have begun to wither away.

However, you are not really falling out of love, you just stopped showing up and risking with each other, the love is buried under hidden feelings and words. Pathways invites all who are in committed relationships including marriage, living partnerships and long-term unions.

One weekend dedicated to empowering you and the love of your life to create the relationship you deserve. Ready for some fun together?

Pathways Courses - Couples Course - Couples Experiential Weekend
Pathways Courses - Couples Course - create the relationship you deserve
Pathways Courses - Couples Course - learning new communication tools
The Pathways Couples Experiential Weekend
  • Learn to love your partner in a way that is meaningful to them
  • Elevate love and trust
  • Create deeper emotional and physical intimacy
  • Ignite the passion
  • Experience fun together
  • In a committed relationship
Pathways Courses - Couples Course - Couples Experiential Weekend

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Couples Course Success Stories:

“The work that we did individually at Pathways taught us that we need to first start with self-love before we can be a good partner in a relationship. Taking care of ourselves, identifying what’s most important and recognizing the power of vulnerability prepared us for one another.

Together Pathways has given us the tools to communicate, to truly hear one another, and be open to each others perspectives. We set goals, establish agreements and hold each other accountable in a loving and kind manner. In our relationship it isn’t always 50-50, sometimes its 70-30. We think of ourselves as a team and we support one another when the other is struggling.

We’ve established a safe space that allows us to be direct, honest, loving, and kind. We are truly grateful to Sue and Pathways for providing such a wonderful experience.”

Pathways Seminars - Testimonials - Sarah and Brian
Brian Carter and Sarah Bodnar

“My husband I are an older couple but we haven’t been married long. We were about to celebrate our 7th anniversary a week after attending Couples 2013. Because we did not have a long history together, we still did not know each others deepest selves. Couples moved us forward in our relationship by 20 years. We now have our history, our present and our future sewn all together in a nice package called love. We knew we were in love, but now we love, all of the person, the good and the bad. Couples opened up our hearts and eyes to each other in a way we did not know was possible. We feel privileged to have found this class to move us forward into the “happy ever after” life. It’s wonderful to be on the same page, speak the same language. Having a true life mate is amazing and Couples helped us to see each other with new eyes.

We are……living the dream!”

Pathways Seminars - Testimonials - Rosey Beth & Rooster Hendrix
Rosey Beth & Rooster Hendrix


We have both Virtual and In-Person Couples course options. Currently, we are only offering the Virtual Couples course due to COVID.

A $400 USD non-refundable deposit reserves your place in the class. Payment plans are available for those who cannot pay in full.

The balance of payment is due two weeks prior to the date you will be attending. Tuition for Couples is non-refundable.

Virtual Couples
$1,995per couple
In Person Couples
$2,495per couple