Advanced Course

Are You Ready to Unleash Your Greatest Potential?

The Pathways’ Advanced Course is a supportive place to reconnect with your authentic self in order to unlock your greatest potential and live a more joyful and passionate life. What are your dreams? Vision for the future? Do you have an entrepreneurial mindset but fear is holding you back? The Pathways team will guide you in creating a powerful and purposeful life!

Throughout our lives, we’ve learned to protect ourselves from getting hurt. We often adapt our behaviors to get approval from our family and community. Wouldn’t it feel amazing to live each day as your authentic self? Life is easier and we achieve so much more being our authentic self.

Pathways Courses - Advanced Course - reconnect with your authentic self
Pathways Courses - Advanced Course - being our authentic self
Pathways Courses - Advanced Course - being our authentic self

How does this show up? Many of us live by hiding our feelings, always “appearing” happy, keeping our voices silent and people pleasing. Often we are driven to impress others by flaunting material success, withholding feelings, or making people feel small. Some of us work with these type of people. Regardless, hiding who we really are from the rest of the world in an effort to get what we want and need won’t build trusting or deeper relationships with our family, friends or teams. If you are nodding your head, even slightly, this is your sign that it is time to take a deeper dive within yourself.

Pathways offers the Advanced Experiential 5 Day Retreat multiple times throughout the year. In this supportive environment, we’ll help you discover and bring out your authentic self, break down the barriers that are holding you back, guide you in letting go of false beliefs, and show you how to rise up and create more meaningful, joyful and loving relationships at home, in community or work. Our intimate group setting provides a comfortable space to explore your greatest gifts.

One 5 Day Retreat dedicated to empowering and daring you to be the authentic leader of your own life. Ready to turn up your inner flame?

Pathways Courses - Advanced Course - turn up your inner flame
Pathways Courses - Advanced Course - be the authentic leader of your own life
Pathways Courses - Advanced Course - turn up your inner flame
The Advanced Experiential 5 Day Retreat
  • Creating your best life
  • Reconnect to your authentic self
  • Remove barriers and false beliefs
  • Create goals to propel you forward
  • Set boundaries
  • Tools and resources including 6 week continued support
  • Each person has attended the Basic Course weekend and graduated
  • Commits to the 5 day retreat format.
Pathways Courses - Advanced Course - be the authentic leader of your own life

Advanced Course Success Stories:

“What I got out of Pathways Advanced was my voice which in turn got me so many other things. Before I attended I was very quiet, did not stand up for myself, and was afraid of everything. I truly didn’t think I was smart and had nothing to say or contribute. All my conversations were in my head.

Today I’m not afraid of speaking up. I give myself the value I have. I am open and honest. I have an unconditionally loving relationship with my daughters, family and friends. I continue each day to develop those relationships to be closer and more loving. I am not afraid of my honesty. I inspire all people. I’m a motivator. I empower people to be in love with themselves and to live a life that is Free to be themselves!!”

Pathways Seminars - Testimonials - Isabel Ferriera
Isabel Ferriera
Beauty Consultant, Owner

“The Pathways Advanced class was the single most profound experience of my life. It is hard to believe that life-changing, realizations and experience happen at the Crowne Plaza in Northbrook. But it is true. Pathways and the students who choose to go on this remarkable journey transform these rooms into personal learning environments, trust me on this!!

Three and a half years ago, fresh from my basic class, I couldn’t imagine learning more and feeling more love about and for myself. I didn’t think I could have the kind of professional and person experiences that I have today. Advanced gave me the time, space and environment to stop and think about the map of my life. It gave me the chance, to not only reflect on the woman I wanted to be but act upon those reflections and make them real.

I often think about how many hours I have spent studying History, Mathematics or English Literature – about how much time I spent studying the lives of others. Advanced was just that – an advanced course in myself where the test is life. I am working on acing the test.”

Pathways Seminars - Testimonials - Lakshmi Rengarajan
Lakshmi Rengarajan
Advertising Professional, Founder


A $400 non-refundable deposit reserves your place in the class. Payment plans are available for those who cannot pay in full.

Your tuition a minimum of 60 hours of class time and 4 nights of lodging. Your food cost is not included in the tuition.

The balance of your tuition is due two weeks prior to the date you are attending. Tuition for Advanced is non-refundable.

Adults (23 years and older)
Repeat Attendees