Personal/Individual Coaching:

“Sue supports teams and individuals to develop, support and achieve their purpose in life, career, and family. She facilitates the development of personal contracts and goals that guide Individuals and Teams in maximizing their individual and joint potentials with their friends, family, co-workers, and employers. Sue increases productivity, enhances relationships at home and at work and empowers individuals, families, teams and to resolve problems developing a win-win answer that serves all involved. I refer my clients to Sue and Pathways as I know that they will gain great benefit physically as well as emotionally.”

Brian Penney


Couples Coaching:

“Reaching out to Sue for support was the best Christmas gift I gave my husband and I. I felt we weren’t communicating effectively as a married couple and wanted more from him than the one-word answers I got after he had a long hard day at work. I was using all the tools I had learned from attending Pathways and I was trying to get him to open up. I reached out to Pathways when I felt we were getting nowhere.

My husband had never gone through the seminars so I set a time to speak with Sue. During the call, my husband and I were able to identify what the other one was not saying along with the expectations we had of each other. By the end of the conversation, we were able to see each other’s viewpoints and had tools on how to communicate more effectively with each other. It has been a few weeks since our call and we are still pointing things out that we learned from our call with Sue. We are now communicating more clearly and effectively and it has brought us closer and strengthened our relationship even more. I believe that Sue is gifted in working with couples! She makes things so easy that seem so difficult! Thank you, Sue.”

Danielle Roseland

Freelancer / Coach

Business Coaching:

“I began working with Sue in 2004 through a recommendation from my manager on how to be more effective. He had worked with her and thought I would benefit. What I realized very quickly was that the tools and methods that Sue taught and roleplayed can be applied to both my business and private life.

As a resource kit, 8 years after completing the courses and working with Sue, I still refer on a consistent basis to the materials I learned. The methods are taught in a step by step manner, which makes it easy to implement later. The materials provided are clear and well put together.

If you have read management books like the “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” only to wonder how you would implement those concepts – work with Sue. She provided tools for me to be better in my personal productivity, better at working in group settings, motivating teams and communicating with executives, my team and with my family.

In addition, Sue’s classes have really supported me in my career progression and helped me focus on what is important… Thanks, Sue!”

Patrick Grant

Application Environment Support Bureau Director, Department of Revenue – Wisconsin Lottery

Meet Our Coaches

Sue Paige :

  • Individual Coaching
  • Business Coaching
  • Couples Coaching
  • Family/Parent Coaching, particularly those families with “difficult” children or problems with drugs and alcohol
1 session         $ 200
3 Sessions       $547
5 Sessions       $897
10 Sessions    $1697

Amanda Bolivar :

  • Individual Coaching
  • Business Coaching
1 session         $ 150
3 Sessions       $ 415
5 Sessions       $ 675
10 Sessions    $ 1275

Please note, all coaching sessions are held via telephone conference unless otherwise agreed upon.