About Pathways Courses

To anyone looking for help breaking through barriers, we at Pathways help you find your way back to an even fuller, happier life through weekend experiences.

Pathways mission empowers people to create more enriched, fulfilled and courageous lives by teaching life skills and powerful strategies through diverse educational experiences. Maximizing personal development through strengthening our cores, understanding other people’s attitudes, and increasing our emotional intelligence helps us cultivate more successful human relationships. Better communication strengthens our families, strengthens our work teams and our relationship with self so that everyone interacts better together.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone!

Our Pathways Team has inspired, empowered and transformed thousands of lives for over 34 years through increasing participants emotional intelligence. We encourage students to take risks, move beyond their fears and overcome the challenges that are holding them back.

Our mission is to empower human beings from 8-89 years old. Teaching and practicing the Pathways life skills and powerful strategies will propel individuals, families, students, entrepreneurs, business leaders, and corporate teams to thrive and grow. The educational curriculum embraces all learning styles which include auditory-musical, visual, and kinesthetic. We feel effective communication is a critical skill for all relationships. These learned tools will positively impact our relationships which ultimately empowers the individual, creates closer families and strengthens our business teams. How we interact in the world and are able to create “win-wins” is the ultimate goal in personal and professional success!

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