Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Pathways program all about?

Our weekend transformational courses offer educational principles, powerful tools and hands-on experiences that will increase your emotional intelligence and empower and energize you toward success in creating your best life possible!

Is Pathways for me?

We believe that everyone from ages 8-89 benefits from our courses. Raising an individual’s emotional intelligence is the secret sauce to ignite one’s passion and purpose, improve their relationships, and heal wounds – which often begin as early as childhood.

The Pathways team teaches people the life skills to unlock their greatest potential. Our staff supports each student in overcoming obstacles to make positive changes in the their lives as well as the relationships around them.

In an immersive program, how do you approach different learning styles?

Throughout the weekend, participants will experience multiple learning styles: visual, verbal-auditory, and kinesthetic. Our universal principles and concepts are education based driven to propel human beings forward to thrive and flourish.

What type of support is available after completing the Pathways course?
Is this a faith-based program?

Pathways embraces all religions, genders and diversity of people. Our strength is focused on education and experience. We are non denominational.

What is the location for the Pathways courses?
  • We offer the courses internationally, but the Chicago metropolitan area is where most of the courses are held in a hotel setting.
  • Our main office is conveniently located in the northern Chicago suburbs.
Are Scholarships Available?

Yes, hardship occurs at various times in our lives. Pathways offers scholarships to those in need. Apply easily or even donate by clicking on our scholarship link: