Are you ready to get more out of life? Pathways to Successful Living is a series of seminars that will support you in creating more of what you want out of life, and less of what you don't.

Life is full of obstacles. How you deal with those obstacles is up to you. You can either allow them to get in your way and hold you back, or you can embrace them as an opportunity for growth. We provide you with the tools to tackle those obstacles and propel you into the life you want. Welcome to Pathways.

32nd Anniversary Special for August Basic!

For each student that pays full price, they can bring a friend/family member/coworker for ONLY $65! And don't forget - August is one of our summer seminars, so it's the perfect opportunity for families to come and take advantage of this amazing deal!

The details:

Both students must attend the August 2016 Basic class. Our purpose with this sale is to support families/friends/coworkers in creating closer relationships with each other, so both students MUST have a prior relationship with each other.

No other discounts, gift certificates, or scholarships apply.

  • If one student is an adult and the other is a teen, the adult pays $595 and the teen pays $65.
  • If both students are teens, one pays $295 and the other pays $65.
  • If both students are repeats, one pays $295 and the other pays $65.

Sale ends on July 30th! Help us spread the word!


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"To live my dreams had always been beyond my reach. The tools I learned in Pathways seminars gave me longer arms!" - Raymond Struck, Pathways graduate