Your Habits: Helpful or Harmful?

Have you ever stopped to really think about why you have what you have in your life? Think about it! Life isn’t random, and there are no accidents, so how come there are things working for you in life, and also things that aren’t?

Well, if you looked really closely at yourself you would see that most things that you have in life are a result of habits that you have adopted. Each of us has daily habits that support our success and ones that don’t. For instance, if you are physically fit, it’s because you have a habit of exercising and eating right. You can’t get physically fit by doing those things once in a while; you have to develop a consistent routine.

It’s the same with everything in life. If you have a distant marriage, look at the things you may have gotten into a routine of doing with your spouse: withholding feelings, not holding them accountable, not speaking up, sweeping issues under the carpet, yelling at them, withholding love, etc. If you have money struggles, look at the patterns around your handling of money: overspending, settling for jobs that don’t pay what you deserve, not saving, being unaware, etc. It’s easy to slip into unsupportive patterns. And before we know it, we are paying the price of those routines. It doesn’t happen overnight, but just like not taking care of our physical body after a few months, we start to see how we’ve let ourselves go.

That is why the kind of work that gets done in our seminars is so beneficial. It’s a chance to open our eyes to the patterns of behavior that hinder us, so that we can change those and start to experience more of what we want in our lives.

Your assignment this month is to take a look at some of your habits. Look at where your life is working and see what you do on a daily basis that makes it so. Keep that up! Also look at where your life is not working and identify what it is you’ve gotten into a habit of that makes that so! In those areas, change one of those habits into something that works. As always, have fun with this, and make sure to celebrate your successes!

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