Thank You, Staff and Sponsors! (Jan-Mar 2017)

This month, we want to give thanks and acknowledging all of our volunteer staff and sponsors from the months of January, February, and March! They are all out there making a difference in the lives of those around them as well as their own. They have given each of the people they have sponsored another chance to create more of what they want in life. Each time we sponsor we too get something out of it. Whether it is to have those we love share the same tools, or get the support to hold us accountable and brainstorm with us on our dreams. Sponsoring is as much a gift to ourselves as it is to those around us. When we sponsor those at work we create a stronger team to attack the goals we have. So THANK YOU to the Sponsors for your love and commitment to a better life and better world.


Terin Izil (6), Brian Carter (5), Nicole Unger (5), Dana Dwyer (3), Heather Schmidt (3), Isabel Loureiro-Ferreira (3), Maura Geils (3), Alice Nixon (2), Bruce Bloom (2), Julie Jones (2), Liz Naquin-Borger (2), Rhonda Humphries (2), Steve Obregon (2), Aaron Smith, Anne Duffy, Bill McMillin, Bob Schmidt, Brianna Dewey-Clark, Cathy Maday, Chan Hemintranont, Chris Bruzzini, Chris Pemble, Craig Gonder, Dave Borkowski, Dave Gimbel, David Scahill, Dawn Breen, Elena Carlson, Erin Kraut, Frank Dombrowski, Jackie Endres, Jamie Gibbs, Jeff Giambrone, Jenn Pearson, Jesse Domanski, Joe Parra, John Borkowski, John Oldenburg, Julie McFadden, Karen Kopan, Ken Olesen, Kerri Zeil, Laura Messner, Lori Higbie-McAndrew, Lynne Yura, Marc Peter, Marcee Albertario, Marlo Corletto, Matt McMillin, Monica Parra, Morgan Kraut, Olivia Jones, Patrick McFadden, Patrick O’Connor, Pauline Gimbel, Rae Livingston, Rob Geils, Rob Luciano, Robb Mann, Shae Loria, Susan Schmitt, Susie Berman, Vanessa Payne

We also want to THANK our amazing staffs! We have Basic staff from both Chicago and New Jersey, as well as an Advanced staff. Thank you for being there in service to the new students that have come through the seminars. Great work everyone! These seminars are blessed with those that each sponsor sends through. Each person that attends a class is great support to everyone is the class, especially our staff. And each staff person is a great support to each student in the room. As we each realize that we are there to learn from each other! The sharing that happens in a class impacts everyone in that room. And it would not be the same without the dedication and hard work of the staff. We truly appreciate all your love and support!


Aaron Smith, Amy Brannan, Amy Monico, Angel Giammarino, Anthony Borges, Becky Hoover, Brian Carter, Brianna Clark, Carrie Todd, Cheri Silver, Cheryl Harris, Chris Bruzzini, Chris Perez, Cori-Ann Roublick, Dana Dwyer, Danielle Peters, Danny Saraiva, Dawn Rogers, Dawn Breen, Debra Pedigo,Derek Cahill, Derek Ericson, Donna Cross, Frank Dombrowski, Ginny Rogers, Heather Schmidt, Holly Higginbotham, Isabel Loureiro-Ferreira, Jackie Endres, Jacqueline Gargiulo, Jamie Gibbs, Jason Rogers, Jenn Pearson, Jesse Domanski, Jordan Cross, Julie Jones, Karen Kopan, Katelyn Foster, Kathleen DeLise, Ken Shane, Kevin Dorfsman, Lara Rousseau, Laura Messner, Laureen Segall, Linda Abrams, Liz Ladewig, Lori McAndrew, Luci Semilia, Lynne Yura, Manny Marques, Marlo Corletto, Maura Geils, Michael Livingston, Michael Collins, Michelle Gansle, Mike Cahill, Mike Richer, Nicole Saubert, Patrick McFadden, Rob Geils, Rob Luciano, Ryan Foster, Steve Duberchin, Steve Brodson, Terin Izil, Tyler Bloom

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