Thank You Staff and Sponsors! (Apr-May 2017)

This month, we want to give thanks and acknowledging all of our volunteer staff and sponsors from the months of April and May! They are all out there making a difference in the lives of those around them as well as their own. They have given each of the people they have sponsored another chance to create more of what they want in life. Each time we sponsor we too get something out of it. Whether it is to have those we love share the same tools, or get the support to hold us accountable and brainstorm with us on our dreams. Sponsoring is as much a gift to ourselves as it is to those around us. When we sponsor those at work we create a stronger team to attack the goals we have. So THANK YOU to the Sponsors for your love and commitment to a better life and better world.


Cella Janisch-Hartline (8), Jamie Gibbs (6), Greg Barone (5), Laurie Barone (5), Larissa Barone (4), Cathy Maday (3), Sarah Durbin (2), Jackie Endres (2), Heather Schmidt (2), Courtney Weidner (2), Kathy Williams (2), Nelsi Ayala (2), David Cathey (2), Daniel Giudice (2), Matt Hubert (2), Tina Hubert (2), Kate Leth, Alice Nixon, Laureen Segall, Thomas Binder, Gretchen David, Krystale Hammond, Storme Hannan, Mike Johnson, Lakshmi Rengarajan, Kandie Worden, Luz Maria Arroyo, Frank Dombrowski, Hayley Dombrowski, Joshua Hastings, Jody Heyman, Sarah Homman

We also want to THANK our amazing staff! We have Basic staff from both Chicago and Texas, as well as an Advanced staff. Thank you for being there in service to the new students that have come through the seminars. Great work everyone! These seminars are blessed with those that each sponsor sends through. Each person that attends a class is great support to everyone is the class, especially our staff. And each staff person is a great support to each student in the room. As we each realize that we are there to learn from each other! The sharing that happens in a class impacts everyone in that room. And it would not be the same without the dedication and hard work of the staff. We truly appreciate all your love and support!


Michael Collins, Jeff Giambrone, Ryan Hutmacher, Jason Rogers, Anora O’Connor, Tyler Bloom, Bridget Backe, Jackie Endres, Courtney Weidner, Peter Hauschildt, Gretchen David, Rodger Sawyer, Kathleen Nau, Greg Barone, Dani Ederi, Jon Jones, Chris Oller, Heather Schmidt, Laurie Barone, Steve Benson, Dawn Mathis, Krystale Hammond, Wendy Mitchell, Derek Cahill, Dyan Roppolo, Liesl Christle, Angel Giammarino, Lynne Yura, Tim Arnold, Corinne Cahill, Judy Giudice, Sarah Homman, Patrick O’Connor, Nelsi Ayala, Jim Christle, Frank Dombrowski, Hayley Dombrowski, Daniel Giudice, Cella Janisch-Hartline, Melinda Johnson, Brandon Medrano, Sandra Medrano, Tony Pusateri

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