Thank you, October & November Staff and Sponsors!

This month, we are acknowledging the hard work of our volunteer staff and sponsors from the month of October and November! We have Basic staff from both Chicago and New Jersey, as well as an Advanced staff. Great work everyone! These seminars would not have been the same without your dedication and hard work. We truly appreciate all your love and support!


Steve Obregon (3)
Barbara Truglio (2)
Carol Crescimanno (2)
Diana Stewart-Crager (2)
Donna Cross (2)
Sarah Homman (2)
Troy Hardeman (2)
Alice Nixon
Annette Queyquep
Anora O’Connor
Anthony Borges
Anthony Grambo
Claudia Moreno
Cori-Ann Roublick
Corinne Cahill
Danny Saraiva
Darren Capra
Erin Hempel
Isabel Ferreira
Katherine Philis
Marty Scaminaci
Michael Cross
Miguel Costa
Pat O’Sullivan
Stephanie Kelly
Steve Obregon
Sue Paige

Anthony Borges
Anthony Grambo
Barbara Truglio
Becky Hoover
Becky Paige
Brian Carter
Bridget Backe
Bruce Bloom
ChrisAnn Stachowiak
Chuck DeLise
Cori-Ann Roublick
Corinne Cahill
Dan Zinna
Danny Saraiva
Derek Cahill
Derek Ericson
Donna Cross
Jackie Endres
Janelle Allen
Jason Rogers
Jeff Giambrone
Jesse Domanski
Jessica Gutierrez
Joey Dilag
Kate Hutmacher
Kathleen DeLise
Lauren Sandoval
Lori McAndrew
Michael Collins
Michelle Gansle
Mike Richer
Nicole Unger
Quadir Morton
Sarah Homman
Stephanie Stanton
Steve Duberchin
Steve Obregon
Teri Dudek
Terin Izil
Tim Arnold
Tony Pusateri
Troy Hardeman

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