All students who have completed the Advanced Seminar are invited to attend Leadership. Leadership is where the lessons and insights gleaned from Basic and Advanced come together – and students shift from learning in the classroom to application in the real world.

In the Advanced Seminar, you made a genuine and dynamic declaration of your intentions for life to yourself and your classmates. The Leadership Seminar is about making that declaration out in your world. It is 60 days of support in standing up for what you believe in – in a bold and powerful manner.

Students learn skills to understand and develop their true leadership potential through a wide variety of educational methods, like learning how to create and maintain a successful team, dealing effectively with conflict and learning how to hold yourself and others accountable.

At the end of the seminar, you will achieve:

  • More pro-active control of your life
  • A personal purpose and mission
  • Enhanced communication skills to create even greater support and teamwork in all areas of life
  • A dynamic integration of the Basic and Advanced experiences
  • Effectively holding yourself and others accountable
  • Creating solid agreements in your life – both with yourself and others
  • Tools to say some of the most difficult things to people in a positive way


All attendees $795 USD