General Testimonials

“What Pathways has given me is a window into the power I have within me. It’s a power that I’ve always had inside of me and now I’ve learned to bring it to life. I fill up with emotions talking about it because I feel proud of myself and what I have created. I have an amazing relationship with my husband. A relationship that is intimate and spicy. We are able to work thru the rough times together and able to laugh together. It’s a relationship that I never thought I deserved, but I do. I’ve created it. And we have a beautiful daughter that brings such joy and love to our lives, we are excited that we get to raise her with tools that foster self esteem and self love.

I’ve also created amazing things at work. There was a project that I was able to show up big for and take a huge risk in. I delivered a tool that is used by majority of my company, and because I did so well I got a promotion. I kicked it up a notch because I am living in my power.

I want those around me to have this same thing. I want them to shine.”

Natasha DaSilva HR Generalist, Colgate-Palmolive Company

“I found the interactive approach used in these seminars both creative and effective in enabling lasting change. I took the Pathways Basic Seminar 10 years ago and to this day I utilize the lessons learned. I then went on to take the Advanced and Leadership seminars and credit the seminars with my deeper level of happiness and awareness. I would highly recommend taking the Pathways Seminars to anyone and everyone. On a personal note, Sue Paige, the owner, is both hilarious and compassionate. She is a brilliant, dedicated, and charismatic speaker and thinker.”

Mimi Apelqvest Managing Director-International, O2Cool

“Through attending the seminars, I was able to create my dreams. I was always successful in Business but never had what I really wanted, which was to be a wife and mother. Since attending the seminars not only did I become more successful in business but I found and have created an amazing relationship. And the greatest gift is that I am a now a wife and mother of three beautiful children that bring so much joy and love to my life. My life is richer than I ever thought was possible.”

Terri Coughlin Sales Executive

“I can’t even imagine living my life without the tools I have learned in Pathways. Basic taught me to look at everything in my life in a new light and Advanced allowed me to
move past the things that block me from living limitlessly. I most recently attended Basic (for the second time) to support my (estranged) husband going through the class.
Through this experience, we have created new possibilities for our marriage and are both committed to giving our complete commitment to creating a new life together. I thank God for Pathways.”

Kaya Bromley Owner, Your Obamacare Advisors

“Thanks Pathways, for providing me with the tools to make remarkable changes in my life. Thanks to you I have a wonderful family and career. You opened my eyes and my heart and my mind in ways that I couldn’t have imagined. And I am delighted that many of my friends and family have had this wonderful experience as well. Keep up the good work. You are changing the world!”

Liz Naquin Borger Senior Vice President of Investments, Stifel

“I began my Pathways experience in August, 2010. I can’t tell you how much my life has changed since then. It has allowed me to value myself, for who I was in the past and who I am now. I have learned to appreciate everything and everyone that has brought me to today. The exercises and discussions are out of this world! I did my work…. and I am proud of the success it has given me.

I have taken three other seminars since basic: Advanced, Leadership and couples. I tell my friends that Pathways has allowed me to ‘see in color again’!”

Garren Fox Investment Banking, Brown Gibbons Lang & Company

“Because of Pathways, I have seen many things change in every aspect of my life. The most obvious and measurable has been financially. Not only did my income increase by more than 300%, but because of Pathways, I learned to keep accountable to a budget which relieved financial stress and allowed my girlfriend and I to begin paying off overwhelming debt.

Pathways tools not just saved the relationship with the love of my life once, but twice. Because of Pathways, we are on a road to creating the kind of relationship we both want, while raising our son together. Today we are engaged to be married and the closeness we now have is one we never had before and I personally never thought would exist.

I have been fortunate enough to be a part of a family which my parents, 2 older brothers, myself, my fiancée, and younger sister have all gone through the seminars. We have had several horrible tragedies in my family that I have seen rip other families apart. But we as a family have supported one another and have gotten through it. Our bond and love as a family becomes greater every time we have worked through these tragedies. I can honestly say that if it was not for Pathways, we would not be a family anymore at all. No contact with one another, parents divorced, no family in any way. The unconditional love I have received from my family and through these seminars is one I hope everyone will experience one day.”

Derek Cahill CEO & Founder, Team Commit

“Pathways seminars changed my life in many ways. When I attended in 1995 I had no self-confidence. I looked for others to make me feel good. I was always angry at the world…not happy in my marriage and feeling frustrated and unworthy everyday. Once I attended the seminars, I realized I was angry at myself for not trusting me and doing what I knew I had to do. Now, in 2012, I am both happy and peaceful, I learned about the power and courage I have inside of me…I recommend these seminars to anyone wanting to create a life that is full and bright, with new and fulfilled dreams and goals. Being and feeling successful is being happy and healthy in your body and mind… you will love how you feel.”

Marcee Albertario Business Owner

“My life has personally and professionally dramatically changed since I attended Pathways Basic, Advanced and Leadership seminars 23 years ago. I built a very successful business with an international sales company and created very deep and loving relationships. I was happy yet looking for more. After I attended a one day training it inspired and motivated me to become certified as a Yoga teacher and I am now teaching over 100 students a week using the tools I learned to build relationships personally and professionally. Sue Paige, CEO, is a caring, powerful and insightful woman and I am grateful for the influence and support I have received from her and this organization. I will continue to refer people to this seminar so they too can create the life they truly want to live.”

Nancy May Owner, Yoga From the Heart

“Pathways helped transform our ordinary family from “struggling to exist in the same house,” to one that is connected, loving and excited about supporting one another. We highly recommend Pathways to any family desiring to be closer.”

Val and Robert Reilly Husband and Wife

“Pathways has enabled me to live my dreams and to reach for new ones. I have used the tools that I learned in the seminars to create the loving relationship I wanted with my boyfriend, who I have now been married to for 8 years. No matter what life brings my way, I feel accomplished and successful. I am much better at handling situations that happen such as loss, death, financial stress due to what I have learned about myself and others in this amazing class. My goal now is to give back as much as I have received!”

Nikki Fikes Writer

“I was a single mother in 2005 when my almost 3 year old son died in an accident at home. As my life crumbled around me I drew strength from my family to bravely move forward, only masking my devastation. When that support could no longer lift me I felt myself drift further into hopelessness and despair. Grasping to find normalcy one year later I took a job and befriended my boss. He had just lived the Pathways experience and post graduation he was practically shouting from the rooftop. He shared his experience with me unaware of my personal struggle, and offered the gift to sponsor me for the Basic Seminar. At the time, he did not know this offer would save my life.

My road had led me to the door and Sue Paige was there to greet me. Paired with my willingness, that single weekend changed my life and my future. The tools I was given in that first weekend improved my attitude, my commitment to myself and others, my communication, my self worth and reaffirmed my purpose.

I credit the Pathways basic, advanced and leadership program with not only saving but changing the direction of my life. The gift of love gave me back my importance. The gift of integrity propelled me forward. And the gift of empowerment assured me that I would succeed every single day of my life, no matter what the risk or challenge.

Seven years post graduation, I have love and gratitude everyday. And I know that Pathways was the single greatest experience of my life.”

Jocelyn Zerby Wife and Mother

It has been over 18 plus years since I first attended both Basic and Advanced and I’m still in awe of what the seminars have done for my life and how the teachings have stayed with me thru the years.

Today I feel that I look at the world thru a different more gentle set of eyes then I would have, had I not attended.

The teachings and exercises that I received from the seminars have always helped me to process myself to a point of clarity in which I am capable of identifying the actual root of what my challenge may be at that particular moment. Once I have been able to do that I can move through the obstacle or challenge to attain what I was going after.

This process has become automatic as a part of who I am, how I think and behave and that is why I have stayed involved with Pathways throughout 18 years and will continue to do so till the day I stop learning, Through the seminars I am always learning something new that supports me in attaining my goals and creating more intimacy in my life.

Since the seminars and throughout the years I have experience love, joy, friendship, pain and success at a levels beyond my wildest dreams.

With the communication tools that I learned, we were able to start up a company which celebrates its 18th birthday this year and up to recently was in four states.

My life was forever altered in such a great way since attending the seminars.

Joe Vieira Owner, Alltek Security Systems Group, Inc.

“After attending the Pathways Seminars I gained the insight and ability to believe in myself. I began to go after those “Goals and Dreams” I didn’t think I deserved prior to the seminars. I had been walking through life feeling sorry for myself and blaming everything and everyone for where I was and wasn’t in my life. I learned how to take personal responsibility for my own actions and inactions.

I have a new bag of positive tools that I use everyday to move me closer to my goals and dreams. I don’t use the old bag of tools that supported me in feeling sorry for myself. If the old bag of tools comes out, I am responsible for using it or not. I have learned that I am responsible for MY CHOICES, MY thoughts, My behaviors…..

I risk everyday! When I am not risking and going after my dreams, I feel like the “old me”

So many dreams have come true, so many goals have been reached, so many new ones are born. I can say that I am living the life I always dreamt of having when I was a little girl. I AM HAPPY! I am important!! I am loved and I LOVE unconditionally!”

Donna Cross Owner, Hair Stylist

“Over the years I read several self-help books about discovery, growth and healing. I’ve been in therapy. I’ve learned a thing or two from others as they shared their life experiences. Motivational forums and affirmations played through ear buds and were stuck on my mirror. I became aware of who I am and spent a lot of time reflecting on my life. I believed awareness could bring forth change. I thought awareness was the work and then I attended Pathways Seminars for Successful Living and realized you can’t do what you don’t know how to do. There are no accidents in life.”

“How I came upon Pathways was truly random. I was not seeking it out, Pathways found me and in my continued interest in my own journey; I attended the Basic Seminar which led me to take the Advanced Seminar and as of this date I’m in the Leadership program. These seminars have blown the door to my heart right off its hinges when prior to attending, I thought the opened door was enough. I had a lot of moments that I said to myself, “huh, I always knew I did that but didn’t know that that’s what I was doing.”

“Pathways Seminars provided me the insight to what was driving my behavior and gave me the tools to do things differently all in a loving and supportive setting. My life was touched in a way that I never thought could be touched. Ultimately, my personal growth reached a deeper level and my courage to take action was unleashed. Dreams are becoming a reality as I work towards the life I’ve always wanted both personally and professionally. Pathways brought that out. The love and support from Sue and her staff, the friends I’ve made along the way is just indescribable. I would highly recommend Pathways Seminars for Successful Living to anyone that is not getting what they want out their relationships, their career’s, their passions….their life! Thank you Pathways!”

Kim Nelson Senior Corporate and Benefits Administrator, Weaver Boos Consultants


The tools I learned from Pathways have been instrumental in my growth the last several years. Loving the program and the people so much, I encouraged my husband to attend. Our marriage was great before we both went to the seminars, so I never imagined it getting even better; however, now we communicate on a completely different level, which sets the right example for our children. Pathways has helped to bring our blended family closer than ever.

Anora and Patrick O’Connor General Manager, Castle Farms


Basic Testimonials

“I had reached a point where I thought to myself “there has to be more to life than this”.

During my Basic seminar I focused on ME. I learned the gift of ACCEPTANCE, I walked away with an Invisible Tool belt which supports me on bumps in my life. I realized that I too had DREAMS to fulfill. I got to find the missing piece to my puzzle…my essence.

What I learned at the Basic Seminar was I went to school and became a Licensed Esthetician and Make up Artist (life long dream). I currently work in NYC and have a job I truly love going to daily – a true blessing these days. With the tools I have gained I was able to create openness and create a healthy team atmosphere. On a personal level, my world grew bigger and better with amazing friends and support. My relationship with my children is beyond what I have ever imagined. MY GREATEST GIFT from Basic is my relationship with MYSELF…. is realizing MY LIFE is my responsibility and THE OUTCOME is based on my COMMITMENT and how well I manage my FEAR. Quite liberating for me.”

Anna Parreira Executive Administrator

There is a person I was when I was born – my true self, and I never knew it was possible to reach that person again – my inner self. The varying presentations and exercises made that possible, and once that was possible, I was able to identify a powerful change to make: to lead by leveraging my truest self, not my image.

Anna Newburn Advertising Professional

I really did not know what to expect when I decided to attend the Basic seminar. I can now say that “the power of this material and the delivery is indescribable, and I truly walked away with a whole lot more awareness and positive outlook than I had ever gotten with my years of cognitive therapy.” The power of numbers and the love and camaraderie experience. I plan on continuing and attending the Advanced seminar.

Richard Jarrouj Restaurant Manager

“In 2011, I’d hit a low where all I could think was “what’s the point of all this?” I was unhappy and dissatisfied with life. I felt like a hamster on a wheel, exhausted and going nowhere. I was considering running from my marriage and career because I thought I would find happiness if I changed everything external in my life. After attending Basic, I realized I would have been running for the rest of my life, searching for something outside of myself I would never find. Pathways showed me where I needed to be putting my attention. “I now have a new focus and attitude, improved communication in ALL my relationships, support like I never knew possible and… I found my happy. I have since created a great marriage, and more than doubled my income, my business is thriving and growing and most of all, I have a purpose.”

Courtney Weidner Farmers Insurance Agent

“When I attended the Basic Seminar, I found out how powerful I really am, giving me the courage to leave an unfulfilling career and finally start my own business. I also learned to create a wonderful support network with my friends and family, so we help each other achieve our goals and create deeper, more fulfilling relationships with all the people in our lives. I can’t imagine living my life without the information and tools I’ve learned in Pathways Seminars!!! I am living my dreams!”

April Bishop Owner, The Victorian House

“Pathways Basic Seminar has been instrumental in helping us live the type of life we have always dreamt of having.” We are more capable of handling difficult situations and have learned how to build intimacy with ourselves and create lasting relationships with friends and loved ones that are close.”

Amy & Jeremy Gregorcyk Husband and Wife

“I had trepidation about attending Pathways because I did not believe I needed any help and that I was managing my pending divorce just fine. Wrong! I learned that I was not trusting those that are closest to me nor listening to them, including myself. I have attended the Basic Seminar and realized there are better ways. My self confidence around my intuition is restored, I now rely on those closest to me for support and my family has grown. While there is no magic wand to get me through the divorce, I am managing it in a much more effective manner. As a result I have found ways to become closer to those around me by trusting myself and working from a place of love versus bitterness. I look forward to my new beginnings and all that brings.”

Tim Berner Strategic Planning & Implementation Team

“The Basic seminar was the best investment I’ve ever made towards helping me be the best I can be in my career and personal life. Thanks to everyone on staff who participated in making the experience invaluable for me.”

Deb Armstrong Management

“Basic for me was a wake up call when I was not even awake, I was asleep. I left the seminar with powerful tools and a heightened sense of awareness, excited about what I could create for myself and my family.

My life today is beyond the dreams I had, it is more than I could ask for!”

Web Bromley Project Manager

“As I approach my one-year anniversary since graduating from Basic, I wanted share with you what Pathways has meant to me. Everyone around me has always seen me as a very strong and successful person. As a single mom I worked full-time and went to school full-time for most of my daughter’s life. I earned a M.A. in Psychology, a M.B.A. and a J.D. over the course of 12 years. I still never felt successful.

Since going through Pathways, I have learned where I put barriers in my way of achieving the actual success I seek. I have confidence in my abilities like never before and I am even more able to share my skills and abilities with others. Taking roadblocks out of my way has done wonders for my personal life as well. For the first time in my life I am in a loving, sharing relationship with a man I can actually call my best friend. I always envied that other people had that kind of a relationship. Who knew that I only had to get out of my own way?

Thank you for giving me the wonderful gifts that Pathways has to offer, including an extended family.”

Jackie Clisham Human Resources / Legal Flying Food Group, L.L.C

“Before coming to Pathways, I was doing well in my life in terms of marriage and work, but life was taking it’s toll on me in a way that was making me old before my time. All of my disappointments in life seemed to be really hard to get over – like not being able to have children and having my company sold and then dissolved. Basically, I was stuck in suffering through losses and unable to really get out from under a cloud of grief. I also tended to be nervous in groups and uneasy in social situations – which made having new friends difficult. Being that we didn’t have children, we had a real need for family and community that was like a big hole in our life. The hardest issue was that if I was around people that were angry for any reason, it caused me to pull away. This caused problems personally and professionally, as it made me only comfortable with really calm, “nice” people. Last, but not least, my marriage had always been a bit of a partial commitment, that I was never sure really fit me well – and I was more distant from my husband than I openly recognized.

A friend from work suggested Pathways as something I’d enjoy – even if I already knew most of it. Since it was put out as something that I’d like doing – it seemed easy to go ahead and sign up. My Basic seminar gave me a chance to really move through some of the losses that had happened and let them go for good. It also showed me that there was a big gap in how I felt about my marriage compared to what I was saying openly to my husband. By finally taking a honest look at the fears and concerns that were between us, we became much closer and could begin to really build the relationship we both wanted.

Since going to Basic several years ago, I’ve been able to create a life that is much more fulfilling and has a lot more fun in each day. I have more friends than I would have ever thought would be possible for someone like me who hates to make new friends. My career has flourished since I’ve gained the confidence to deal with a wide variety of people and can accept myself and others much more easily. “My marriage has been the greatest gift from Basic, because our home is now a place of complete commitment and a loving relationship with more closeness than we ever had before. Since my husband has also gone to Basic, he has also built the skills to show how he much he cares on a daily basis and we steer away from creating needless conflicts that were really a way used to relieve stress.” I have lost my doubts about why I married my husband and now know – it’s because we create the home together we both want to enjoy for as long as life allows.”

Cheryl Jekiel VP of Human Resources

I used to define myself by what I was in my career and now I define myself by my strengths in what I am creating. Before Pathways, I was climbing someone else’s ladder and holding back. Today, I build my own. Above co-founding a successful non-profit within the arts and healthcare industry, my creativity helped me shape and nurture strong friendships and loving relationships that enrich my life. Often I stop to feel the gratitude of what I have created in just 32 years and excitement for the limitless possibilities yet to come.

Ellie Rose Co-Founder & President GeroStart Inc


Advanced Testimonials

I was at a turning point in my life where I needed perspective based on who I thought I was vs. how I was showing up in my relationships. I attended Basic followed by Advanced in 2002, and keeping momentum on my growth with Leadership in 2003. The seminars opened new dreams inside of me and my life took off. I had never valued my talents and shied away from the lime light never having the confidence to follow through with my dreams.

After attending the classes all that changed. Each goal I set led me closer to living the life I was meant to live. I began my journey by changing careers and starting over with culinary school. I moved to France to study under an amazing chef and learned about whole ingredients. This stirred my passion for “clean, simple and sexy cooking”! In 2005 I opened a culinary studio that I used to explore the various ways food can bring people together and ultimately change lives. As I began to transform professionally, personally my life changed as well. I participated in cross training, marathons and triathlons and in 2009 I earned the esteemed title of Ironman!

By accomplishing so many of the goals I set out to achieve, I’ve been so fortunate that my story has connected with so many others. From local to national television appearances to magazines and trade publications, I share my passion for simple foods, prepared healthfully.

From being named an “Industry Innovator” to winning a nationally televised Weight Watchers Cooking Competition., I’ve been recognized as “The New Face of a Healthy Cooking”. Though my work doesn’t completely define me, I can tell you that being in alignment with my purpose is what makes my accomplishments so special to me. I can tell you that my journey has not been easy by any means. But I can also tell you that with all of the tools and lessons I’ve learned, I am living the life I had always dreamed, but never thought was possible. It all started with doing something differently, for once in my life, by simply attending a weekend seminar called Pathways.

Ryan Hutmacher “The Centered Chef” & Official Weight Watchers Chef

“What I got out of Pathways Advanced was my voice which in turn got me so many other things.

Before I attended I was very quiet, did not stand up for myself, and was afraid of everything. I truly didn’t think I was smart and had nothing to say or contribute. All my conversations were in my head.

Today I’m not afraid of speaking up. I give myself the value I have. I am open and honest. I have an unconditionally loving relationship with my daughters, family and friends. I continue each day to develop those relationships to be closer and more loving. I am not afraid of my honesty.

I inspire all people. I’m a motivator. I empower people to be in love with themselves and to live a life that is Free to be themselves!!”

Isabel Ferriera Beauty Consultant, Owner, ERA Inc.

“The impact of the Advanced seminar has helped me to create deeper and more fulfilling relationships with my family, with my friends and loved ones. After attending Pathways seminars, I came out of hiding. I realized my own potential. Not only in my own personal relationships, but in my professional career, I began communicating differently and listening differently. “I created a career that I LOVE, a relationship that gets better and better and I learned to listen to my own Passion and Desires on a professional level to go after what it was that I wished to create in my life. I started that career in 1993 and I continue to Live and Breathe it every single day.”

Cheri Gillham Massage Therapist

“Basic helped me to shed light on what was holding me back in life!! Advanced helped me discover ways to empower myself. Advanced showed me how to be a one-man demolition crew to break down barriers in my life. I risked bigger than I ever had before that weekend, which helped me to fill up my own self – love and believe in myself and what I could accomplish. Today I am flying high, living my dreams!”

David Paige Musician / Teacher, David Paige Music

“I want to write to let you know what I have received since attending the Advanced Seminar. I am very aware in my life of where I gave away my power to others and due to that gave up what was important to me in life.

I have taken my choices back, responsibility for my life back and am no longer giving it away. I find myself no longer procrastinating on things but “Doing It” when it needs to get done! How empowering!! I am taking risks and no longer allowing fear to immobilize me. I am recognizing it as fear and doing the task anyway!

I am going back to school and taking classes to help me discover a new career, one that I am passionate about. My life is exciting and I feel blessed each day. Thank you.”

Katherine Munson Crispo Expert Fundraiser

“After my dad, husband, and mom died the independent, confident, and brave person I was just disappeared. I became an observer in my life. Things happened to me, I didn’t make things happen. I was afraid, unsure, and unhappy. Basic was a beginning and Advanced made me realize that while I have no control over other people’s life, I have full control over my own. I had let the external happenings disrupt the calmness and serenity and power that are in me. Advanced gave me the tools to hold myself accountable for what I wasn’t. It gave me back my life and the confidence that I will handle anything that comes my way. I can’t control many of the things around me, but I am in full control of my action and am responsible for creating the life I was always meant to have.”

Kathleen DeLise Project Manager

“At the end of my Basic class, I was able to tell my husband how much I loved him in front of a bunch of people, something I had never done, and that he was getting back the girl he had married 30 years before.

That was great!!!

After Advanced….I told him that I was quite sure he had never met this woman before…..but I was sure he was going to love her even more!!!”

Jacque Leopold Retired Consultant- Medical Practice Management

“Advanced opened my eyes to a world that I never dreamed would have existed in my life prior to attending. It was as if my brain was hard-wired to think that I would need to learn to live within certain limits. Advanced showed me that I can choose to change those things which I thought were limits. Once I learned that I could do that my world changed. I was able to recognize where I am vulnerable, create more beautiful relationships, and become more effective in my professional life. I even was able to start my own business.”

Daria Schuster Financial Analyst, IBM

“The Pathways Advanced class was the single most profound experience of my life. It is hard to believe that life-changing, realizations and experience happen at the Crowne Plaza in Northbrook. But it is true.

Pathways and the students who choose to go on this remarkable journey transform these rooms into personal learning environments, trust me on this!!

Three and a half years ago, fresh from my basic class, I couldn’t imagine learning more and feeling more love about and for myself. I didn’t think I could have the kind of professional and person experiences that I have today.

Advanced gave me the time, space and environment to stop and think about the map of my life. It gave me the chance, to not only reflect on the woman I wanted to be but act upon those reflections and make them real.

I often think about how many hours I have spent studying History, Mathematics or English Literature – about how much time I spent studying the lives of others. Advanced was just that – an advanced course in myself where the test is life. I am working on acing the test.”

Lakshmi Rengarajan Advertising Professional, Founder, Me So Far

“Since attending the Advanced seminar I have become more engaging with people. I reach out daily and have found that people are thrilled that I am calling. My fear had always been that they would feel I am intruding.

I find I am no longer making assumptions, I will ask people what they are thinking if I want to know rather than trying to guess.

The final and most important thing that I have noticed is that I no longer put things off. I do the most difficult thing first and as a result my confidence is increasing.”

Lisa Blodgett Volunteer Animal Advocate

“I was so ready for Advanced when I went ~ I went in defeated, mousy, and feeling worthless. I had such a small voice and wouldn’t speak up for myself. My own blame was weighing me down. I came to realize through the work I did there that I was a powerful woman and was empowered to create a support system of friends and family that propelled me to success in the most important aspect of my life: connecting to my family and friends in a truly intimate and open way. I still struggle with being vulnerable in my relationships, especially when the emotional risk is high, but continuing to be involved with the Pathways organization helps me realign to my purpose of creating a warm and loving world by teaching others to be genuine and love unconditionally.”

Christina Winnicker Veterinarian, Charles River


Leadership Testimonials

“I was lucky enough to receive the experience of Pathways as a gift from my employer. The Basic class helped me see possibilities for a better life, the Advanced class taught me accountability to myself and others, and the Leadership class opened my eyes to my responsibility to the world around me. Where I was once quiet and meek, accepting whatever life sent my way – I have now learned to take on life and go after the things that I most want with power and confidence. My ongoing involvement with Pathways allows me to keep the fire alive within me, as well as help others open their eyes to the world around them.”

Tim Fikes Systems Administrator, RPM Pizza, LLC

“Some gifts come in their own time. I finished the Leadership seminar in March of 2007 and I have continued to work towards making my life the way I want it to be. Last fall I began classes to finish my Bachelor’s degree, which has been a background goal for about 20 years! During the work on my classes, I was given a rare opportunity to work within a new concept of law enforcement. From this opportunity, work I’ve done has contributed to the arrest of over 1,100 people wanted by authorities. Looking back, I can say with complete confidence that without Pathways, I may never have had the courage or the self-confidence to follow through with my school goals, which have led to other spectacular opportunities. I couldn’t be more grateful to the program for teaching and showing me what dedication and living your dreams can do!”

Karen Ziemian Disaster Recovery Specialist, New Jersey State Office of Emergency Management

“It’s been a bit more than a year since I took the Basic seminar and to date I’ve completed the Advanced and Leadership seminars. The experiences I’ve had and people that I’ve met have been and are simply remarkable.

Coming in a year ago, I was working in the corporate world in a high stress environment, but didn’t really feel like anything was seriously ‘wrong’ with my life. As it turns out, I learned so much about myself and how I communicate with others that I’ve improved my quality of life and my relationships with those around me exponentially!

My stress level is lower, I’ve created infinitely closer relationships with those around me, and my overall outlook on life is far more positive and I am achieving things I never thought possible!

There really isn’t a bigger gift that you could give yourself by attending Basic – it opened up a whole new chapter in my life as I continue to grow!”

Kat Dudkiewicz Creative, Frequency540

“The lessons I learned in the Pathways Seminars have been instrumental in helping me snap out of a cycle of self-limiting thoughts and behaviors, and put myself back on a path of abundance, joy, and unlimited potential. In each class I gained deeper insights into how I was holding myself back, and practical, actionable steps I could take to break to replace those old habits with healthier, more supportive ones.

In the final course, Leadership, I learned invaluable lessons about clarifying my assumptions, making win-win agreements, and holding others accountable – skills that serve me well both personally and professionally. I gained clarity around the kinds of relationships I wanted in my life, and how to create more open communication and understanding. And I tapped into my deepest source of motivation – the very thing that compels me forward in all that I do. And with that knowledge, with that passion, I simply feel unstoppable.”

Sima Dahl Speaker / Trainer / Coach / Sway Factory, Inc.

“The Pathways to Successful Living Seminars have changed my life. I feel so grateful to my company for telling me, and that I have been able to attend the Basic, Advanced and Leadership Seminars. These seminars are like NO other seminar I have ever been a part of and that is what I LOVE about them! The seminars pushed me to think differently about how I show up in life and what kind of person I want to be. They provided me hands on, real life experiences which is what made the seminars so impactful and easy to incorporate into my life.

The Leadership seminar provided me the tools and resources needed to make a difference in my life. Now that I have the tools, I am able to push myself to conquer my fears and be the leader I want to be to make a difference in my life personally and professionally. The Leadership seminar also provided me a new found confidence around having effective conversations with the people in my life. The Pathways to Successful Living seminars gave me the tools needed so I can go out and make the greatest impact on my life.”

Michelle Olson Manager, Global Business Services at Best Buy

“Since taking the Leadership seminar, I’ve never felt so confident and comfortable in my own skin to not only serve myself and show up as a leader, but to also be in service of others by supporting them through tough times. I have most recently been through a job layoff and have been overwhelmingly optimistic through the process. Peers and support of mine continue to comment on how well I am doing and I didn’t even notice there was an old me that would have reacted much differently had it not been from their reflection. I truly feel like a new person who is free to go out and get what my heart desires and that I can handle anything that gets in my way. The best outcome of the Leadership seminar is that my relationships are so much more real, honest, and supportive because I have the tools to get them back on track if they stray instead of running away for a while.”

Stephanie Johnson Thirty-One Consultant

“The Pathways Leadership Seminar has brought many things to my life. Now 14 months after completing the seminar, I have a job I enjoy, and a leadership team who support and care about my growth. It also gave me the opportunity to take all the tools I gained in the Basic and Advanced seminars and put them into practice. I am now able to ask for what I want personally and at work, and also hold people accountable for the things they said they were going to do, but in a loving and caring way. This opportunity to “practice” was invaluable and I carry these tools with me daily.”

Candace Barnes Purchasing Project Manager, Rockwell Automation

“The Leadership seminar showed me how to take all the energy the Basic and Advanced seminars built up inside of me and carry it out into my life. I also met some amazing people and forged some powerful, meaningful, intimate, and lasting friendships. We have continued to support each other in getting what we want out of life. I can honestly say that the Leadership seminar changed my life. I learned the tools and received the support to take on whatever is coming at me in life and to challenge me to keep chasing after my dreams”

Jeff Giambrone Senior Business Analyst, Ceannate Corp.

“Before attending the Basic seminar in March 2012, I had a blog. I never expected anyone to read it and I didn’t really consider myself a writer. I struggled to find ideas. During the Basic seminar I set a goal of becoming published by a media publication within one year. I didn’t know how it was going to happen, but this was my dream. After attending the Advanced seminar, I noticed more courage behind my blog posts. After Leadership I started writing more frequently and from my heart because I knew I had people actively supporting my goals. I accomplished my dream in ten months after completing Basic! The principles in the seminars were essential in helping me overcome the fears that were holding me back and the confidence to move forward to my goals.”

Elizabeth Ladewig Senior Account Executive, Integrated Merchandising Systems

“The Leadership Seminar was what really kick started the life that I wanted to create. I had gone through the class towards the end of my college career. I was petrified to graduate and the thought of having to put myself out there into the real world – the transition from student to adulthood – scared me immensely. The Leadership Seminar started a fire that will never be put out. I had already spent time finding the spark and igniting it inside me during the Basic and Advanced Seminars, but Leadership helped me find focus and create actions steps to get me towards my goals. It taught me incredibly valuable lessons that I could apply in my personal relationships, professional relationships, and the relationship I have with myself.

Since Leadership, I learned to take even more risks, causing me to expand my comfort zone way beyond what I ever imagined. I have applied to many jobs and in return, have gotten some very welcoming offers. I am no longer afraid of the real world and very excited to start a new chapter. One of the biggest risks I took in Leadership was to conquer weight loss. I had been saying for years that I wanted to lose weight. Leadership helped me say, “Just do it!” I have lost 50 pounds since I began this journey and I am still going strong. This seminar helped put my big dreams and goals into a reality.”

Lauren Sandoval Song Leader and KYG Advisor, BJBE

“Five years have passed since I began my journey with Pathways to Successful Living seminars. It started with a communications workshop where I learned just how impactful simply making the effort to have a needed conversation could be. In Basic, I finally made sense of an abundance of knowledge and wisdom imparted to me over the years and started creating the direction my life would take. From Advanced, I received a gift of realization that I am no less than any other, and more importantly, that no other is less than I am. In Leadership, I discovered that I no longer have to live my life to manage the judgment of others by anticipating and meeting their expectations. I found freedom to be me and to, eventually, discover my truest vocation – to support others to their most profound discoveries.

I am still in my vocation’s formative years, and my guiding light is the love and caring, and my ability to love and care, gained through my Pathways experience. My faith has deepened. Each day, the intimacy with my family I so deeply desire grows exponentially, and I purposefully celebrate the everyday joys we live together. I continue to break free of patterns engrained as a child that do not serve me, and the beginning of my journey that started just five years ago feels a millennium away for the distance I feel I have come.

Thank you Pathways, for this gift of creative freedom I now live to bestow on my own children.”

Jacqueline Gargiulo Organizational Development Specialist, Magnetrol International Inc.

“How can I put into words what Pathways has done for me over the years, there are just too many blessings to mention. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t use a skill that I was taught through the seminars. I attended my first Basic seminar when I was 22 years old back in 2001. I was a young woman coming into my own with a lot of traumas but an eagerness to improve my life, my self-worth and self-esteem. Over the years, I attended Advanced and Leadership and I now volunteer my time to Group Lead or Room Assist the seminars. This helps me to stay centered and connected but to also give back to the students the precious gifts that I was given. The seminars helped me to peel the layers away and reveal myself at the highest level possible – my authentic self and as a result changed the entire trajectory of my life.

Since the seminar, I have taken massive action and risks in my life. I took a chance on myself and left the safe comforts of a steady paycheck to be a 100% commissioned only employee and now make six figures doing so, I was able to find the courage to leave a very toxic and unhealthy relationship, I have been able to have challenging conversations with family and friends that have helped to foster deeper connections and greater intimacy, again the blessings are just too great to mention all. I am a better daughter, sister, friend, partner and human as a result. This may sound over exaggerated and lofty but it’s my truth.

The strong support system I’ve built all over the country is invaluable, they are a great sounding board and an amazing peer group, but there is no one like Sue Paige. There is a saying that goes, “many are called but few are chosen.” Sue not only heeded the call but her deep passion and intense love for others will leave a legacy that will last generations to come. She is an amazing mentor, leader and friend and I have the utmost respect and admiration for her. I believe one should only attend the seminar when you are serious about transforming your life for the better. A one-time investment in yourself could really change your world in a weekend, it did for me.”

Jenn Pearson Senior Residential Home Mortgage Loan Officer, Wells Fargo

“For me, the Leadership seminar was by far the most powerful experience I’ve ever had in personal growth. To learn communication techniques that deepen relationships and draw others near even when there are difficult conversations that need to take place was an invaluable gift! The best part is that after I learned these skills, I was able to take them into my ‘real world’ and practice them while having the full love and support of my entire class to celebrate my successes and coach me through my struggles.

I practice the skills I learned at Leadership daily in my career, at home with my family and helping others be their personal best. If you want to find the courage inside yourself to do the great things you were made for, attend the Leadership seminar. You will not be sorry!”

Jodi Hall Associate Wealth Management Advisor

“When I attended my first Pathways seminar, I was a couple years out from a toxic, seven year marriage that ended in a very hard divorce. I had lost my job due to the housing market crash, and was working at an indefinitely temporary job struggling to pay my bills. My martial art school was suffering because I had stopped training or teaching, and I had retreated into a social black hole, spending all my free time watching TV to escape.

Then I went to Pathways. First I attended the Basic seminar. A few months after that, I went to Advanced. The following summer, Leadership. Through the Pathways process, I was able to let go of the hurt and bitterness of the divorce. I worked through the doubt and fear created from feeling like a failure professionally. I rebuilt hurt or lost friendships, and started making new friends. Within a year of Pathways, I started a new career as a Life Coach. I started to rebuild my martial art school, and began deepening my knowledge of health and fitness: I’m now on my way to becoming a personal trainer. I am in a healthy, fulfilling relationship and I have the knowledge and the tools to nurture and maintain the intimacy that I was so afraid to look for again.

Thanks to Pathways, after losing myself for almost ten years, I was able to rebuild, and get back on track to a happy, healthy, fulfilled life.”

Chris Demanaeus Life Coach, Horizon Coaching and Owner/Operator/Instructor, Maple Grove Martial Arts


Couples Testimonials

“My boyfriend and I attended Couples a year after we started dating. We’d both done Basic, Advanced, and Leadership, so I felt like we had really great communication already. I was wrong. We had great communications as two individuals, but we learned a lot about working together as a couple. I learned some really incredible tools to find a win-win situation—even when each person’s happiness seems completely dependent on the other person giving something up. Attending early in our relationship has been a great way to make sure we’re moving together toward a shared vision.”

Terin Izil and Rob Luciano Couple

“Before we attended Couples, things were uncertain in our relationship. We were at a crossroads, and had to make some difficult decisions. We were afraid of what the future looked like for us. We were even holding on to some deep seated resentment that had gone unspoken for years. Some of our disagreements felt insurmountable.

At Couples, we gained tools to help us see things from each other’s perspective. With the support of the facilitators and our classmates, we were guided through communicating our deepest frustrations and fears with one another. We learned how to manage our emotions in a healthy way during disagreements, and how to make mutually beneficial agreements.

Fast forward three years later, and we are now engaged! While we still struggle with some of the same disagreements we had back then, we now know how to discuss them in a way without blaming, hurting, or taking it out on the other person, and most of all we know how to come to a win / win agreement about things. Our relationship is much stronger. Now, we have learned to work together as a team and turn to each other for support. We also have learned that the key to creating a happy, joyful life together is doing things for one another just because we know it will make the other person feel loved. With the tools we gained at Couples at our disposal, we look forward to what the future holds for us as a married couple.”

Becky Sonnack & David Paige Engaged Couple

“Our time at the Couples Seminar far exceeded anything we could have imagined! Not only did we enhance our relationship, but we learned how important it is for both of us to maintain our individuality which in turn strengthens our relationship even more. The experiential aspects during class time were one of the keys for us in taking our relationship to another level. We both love the seminar and highly recommend it.”

ChrisAnn Stachowiak & Ron SassoCouple

“My husband and I walked into the couples seminar in a fun, happy, and close marriage. Throughout the weekend, we were able to take time to discover our deeper needs, wants, and desires. I feel we are walking away with a greater ability to communicate, a deeper sense of love, and a stronger commitment to each other and our children. We can’t wait to see how we can incorporate the tools we learned on a day to day basis. We are forever grateful!”

Melissa Gonski Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Counseling and Diagnostic Center of Woodfield

“The Couples seminar was one of the most defining, pivotal moments in our marriage. We attended the seminar just a few short months prior to our 15th wedding anniversary, knowing it would be fun, but never expecting the impact it would have on our marriage. Even after 15 years, we learned so much about ourselves and each other. We gained a deeper appreciation and respect for one another, we learned how to grow from our disagreements, and developed a much healthier way of communicating. The skills that we gained from the seminar have made it possible for us to create a deeper love. We have the tools to make all of our dreams a reality.”

Dawn and Rick Breen Husband and wife

“My husband I are an older couple but we haven’t been married long. We were about to celebrate our 7th anniversary a week after attending Couples 2013. Because we did not have a long history together, we still did not know each others deepest selves. Couples moved us forward in our relationship by 20 years. We now have our history, our present and our future sewn all together in a nice package called love. We knew we were in love, but now we love, all of the person, the good and the bad. Couples opened up our hearts and eyes to each other in a way we did not know was possible. We feel privileged to have found this class to move us forward into the “happy ever after” life. It’s wonderful to be on the same page, speak the same language. Having a true life mate is amazing and Couples helped us to see each other with new eyes.

We are……living the dream! ”

Rosey Beth & Rooster Hendrix Husband and wife

“The Couples seminar was my favorite of all the Pathways seminars, and I got so much more than I expected! I saw so many ways in which I was holding back in my marriage and playing a victim or being a bully instead of holding my husband accountable. I was able to see the impact my anger had on my marriage, my husband, and ultimately on my own tender, joyful spirit. I saw how my childhood shaped my ideas about romance, love and gender roles, and I was able to recreate my ideals based on who I am as an adult and what I want in my marriage. I was thrilled to realize that some old emotional wounds no longer bled and heal more recent pain so we could move forward as a couple.”

Amy & Brian Wright Husband and wife


Coaching Testimonials

“Sue Paige is a one of a kind coach. She has a unique way of cutting through all of the layers of excuses and emotion and getting right down to our truest motivation. Always challenging, always loving and always truthful, she has helped me to see the ways I can communicate from love in every action and interaction I have with others. She has an uncanny way of helping me see the places I can try harder, push deeper and connect more strongly. With her help I am learning how to bring out the best in myself and others”

Elias Patras Massage Therapist, Instructor

“Reaching out to Sue for support was the best Christmas gift I gave my husband and I. I felt we weren’t communicating effectively as a married couple and wanted more from him than the one word answers I got after he had long hard day at work. I was using all the tools I had learned from attending Pathways and I was trying to get him to open up. I reached out to Pathways when I felt we were getting nowhere.

My husband had never gone through the seminars so I set a time to speak with Sue. During the call my husband and I were able to identity what the other one was not saying along with the expectations we had of each other. By the end of the conversation, we were able to see each other’s view points and had tools on how to communicate more effectively with each other. It has been a few weeks since our call and we are still pointing things out that we learned from our call with Sue. We are now communicating more clearly and effectively and it has brought us closer and strengthened our relationship even more. I believe that Sue is gifted in working with couples! She makes things so easy that seem so difficult! Thank you Sue.”

Danielle Roseland Freelancer / Coach

“I have worked with Sue in several capacities including as a client, as a service provider, and as a colleague. Sue is a dedicated, committed, compassionate, and powerful person who has inspired and supported me in achieving personal and professional dreams I had previously thought unreachable. Additionally, Sue and the Pathways organization have supported my family, friends, and co-workers in creating the same dramatic results in their own lives that I have seen in mine.”

Troy Hardeman Chief Information Officer

“Sue supports teams and individuals to develop, support and achieve their purpose in life, career and family. She facilitates the development of personal contracts and goals that guide Individuals and Teams in maximizing their individual and joint potentials with their friends, family, co-workers and employers. Sue increases productivity, enhances relationships at home and at work and empowers individuals, families, teams and to resolve problems developing a win-win answer that serves all involved. I refer my clients to Sue and Pathways as I know that they will gain great benefit physically as well as emotionally.”

Brian Penney Physician

“Quite simply, Sue Paige is the woman I want to be when I grow up. She’s not only a mentor to me, she’s my hero.

Through her tireless work with Pathways Seminars, she has helped me (along with thousands of others) to fundamentally change my life. Before I met Sue, I was living the life I ‘had’ and after I met Sue, I was living the life I ‘wanted’.

I’ve worked with and learned from Sue as a student in the Basic, Advanced, Leadership and Couples Seminars as well as received Coaching from her. And each time we meet – in the seminars or out – I’m amazed by the wisdom and love she brings.

Sue is a true visionary, and I could never thank her enough for her dedication to bettering the world, so instead, I commit to living the lessons she’s taught me and embracing the tools she’s given me to the best of my abilities. I consider myself extremely lucky, honored and blessed to have Sue Paige in my life.”

Stephanie Kelly Associate Director, Creative Strategy at Digitas

“I began working with Sue in 2004 through a recommendation from my manager on how to be more effective. He had worked with her and thought I would benefit. What I realized very quickly was that the tools and methods that Sue taught and role played can be applied to both my business and private life.

As a resource kit, 8 years after completing the courses and working with Sue, I still refer on a consistent basis to the materials I learned. The methods are taught in a step by step manner, which makes it easy to implement later. The materials provided are clear and well put together.

If you have read management books like the “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” only to wonder how you would implement those concepts – work with Sue. She provided tools for me to be better in my personal productivity, better at working in group settings, motivating teams and communicating to executives, my team and with my family.

In addition, Sue’s classes have really supported me in my career progression and helped me focus on what is important… Thanks Sue!”

Patrick Grant Application Environment Support Bureau Director, Department of Revenue – Wisconsin Lottery


Business Testimonials

“I strongly recommend Pathways corporate and public seminars to HR leaders and organizations interested in optimizing the performance of their employees, leaders and teams. I have often said that I wish everyone I work with and care about in my life would attend one of these programs. If they did, we would all be better able to achieve outcomes beyond our imaginations, professionally and personally.

Each seminar is built on a foundation that teaches participants to look at what they are doing or not doing in their lives and how they show up in relation to others that is getting in their way of achieving the things they say are important to them and/or team goals. Participants learn fundamental skills around how to hold oneself and others accountable, how to communicate to achieve desired outcomes, how to support colleagues in achieving goals and how to come from a place of personal leadership in all that one does to achieve the best possible outcomes.

I have used the corporate seminar with a global team of HR leaders from all over the world helping the overall effectiveness of the team to go up. I also encourage and support employees in attending the public seminars because I know when they do, they will come back on fire to deliver even greater things in their lives and to our company. I have seen it over and over again the impact of these seminars on the overall health and performance of people and organizations.”

Susan Schmitt Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Rockwell Automation

“Park Districts are trying to create memorable experiences for the residents and communities in which they serve. As the Director of Human Resources “it is a goal to work with staff and build strong teams which result in greater trust within those teams and the people that work together”. Teamwork and trust are essential steps to building a culture of accountability. Staffs goal is to collaborate and focus on the task of achieving results. This is done by avoiding staff that demonstrate poor attitudes, blame others and create triangles which result in a non-productive environment. Through the teachings with Pathways our staff were able to create effective communication tools which resulted in the ability to communicate with one another. As an outcome of creating staff accountability we have a foundation of employee trust and satisfaction. My gratitude to Pathways is immeasurable to see people change before your eyes by implementing the tools both personally and professionally.”

Amy Rivas Director, Human Resources

“Pathways Business Seminars have provided very successful organizational development consultation for a company for which I worked, as well as my local HR group and its business partners. The individualized Pathways Business Seminars are unlike anything available in the market at any price, and the participants gain tools that were immediately effective in helping boost communication, collaboration, and productivity. I would highly recommend Sue Paige and the other professional facilitators at Pathways to any organization facing change, resistance, cultural risk, and disengagement or just wanting to grow their teams to be more effective. Feedback from participants was overwhelmingly positive!”

Sabra Stuermer SPHR Senior Manager, HR Business Partner at T-Mobile

“Pathways Business Seminar has had an immediate positive impact on our sales team. We have developed more trust and respect through effective communication, integrity, clear goals and strategies. It has enabled us to bring together different points-of-view without losing clarity or focus. Our team feels empowered by the ability to hold ourselves and each other accountable, thereby creating more in less time. Our conversations are healthier and proactive which has lead to a motivated, committed culture within our team. Our ability to drive towards our common goals has never been better”

Marty Scaminaci VP of Finance, R.R. Donnelley

“POWERFUL!! I remember back to Basic and Advanced and saying that these seminars have the potential to transform the hearts and minds of anyone who attends. The tools I learned have made me a more conscious father, husband and friend. Most importantly, a better friend to myself!

As far as business goes, when you go to a country and don’t speak the language, how do you feel? It’s the same thing in a business environment. When everyone speaks a common language and has tools to support each other with a win-win philosophy, you can create magical results and that is exactly what the Business Seminars do!”

Matt McMillin Director of Culinary and Beverage Operations, Cooper’s Hawk Winery and Restaurants


“Castle Farms is a world class historic property that focuses on the health and happiness of individuals, families and the community. We find that by supporting our full-time employees to attend the Pathways Seminars, we are able to communicate on a level that most companies do not have the privilege. Our team members are more fulfilled and look for ways to support each other, instead of working against each other. We will even send our long-term employees with their spouses or close family members because we have found that when things are going well at home, our team is more productive on the job. We are a small company and conflict does arise, however by having the tools that Pathways Seminars have provided we are able to come to agreements much quicker.”

Anora O’Connor General Manager, Castle Farms

“Pathways has helped, me, my family and business for the past 15 years. Our franchise has sent hundreds of people to the seminars and feel it is our top rated class. The ROI we feel is justified as our Team Members return as better leaders and more at peace with their family lives. Also I have sent dozens of family members to help them grow. For me, I have attended all the seminars and find it refreshing to gain new insights and to find ways to grow. Sue Paige and Pathways has also customized a class which we hold at our company twice per year for rising management talent. Pathways has caused a positive and permanent ripple in our company”

Glenn Mueller RPM Pizza, Domino’s

“As a VP of Human Resources I’ve used Pathways seminars to cover a range of development concerns that are difficult to address through traditional training. For example, managers that lack soft skills or struggle to lead their teams need considerable skill building to make a difference in their career.

Over the last several years, Pathways has helped a number of our managers attain a level of skill that they would not have dreamed they could achieve. The training is based on experiential methods that build the skills during the sessions. If the range of courses are completed – a person with a different range of skills emerges afterward. Managers who have completed the courses are more aware of how they interact with others, gain confidence in themselves as people and leaders, learn how to handle difficult conversations, and become aware that they have the courage inside to take steps they were afraid to complete in the past.

I also send our HR Managers through at least the Basic course to build their coaching skills and to help them gain exposure to the dynamics of people learning to change – as much of HR work is to support the change efforts of others. Some of our HR managers have gone on to complete more of the Pathways courses and have easily seen how they help them in their work as well as personally. I don’t know of any other training that works like Pathways courses to create the changes needed that help us to be successful in the marketplace.”

Cheryl Jekiel VP of Human Resources

“After attending the Personal Programs that Pathways offers and seeing the results other participants, as well as myself, were able to create in their lives, I brought several of their Corporate Seminars into a company I was working with. “The impact of Pathways Business Seminars on the company was outstanding; they achieved 70% of their annual sales goal by mid-year.” As a company, they have employees that are happier and participating more than they ever have, as well as better communication and improved teamwork. The future looks bright.”

MP Knight CEO, MPKnight, Inc.

“We began our family owned custom jewelry business almost 20 years ago. It has gone from a three person company to a 31 employee corporation. Our leadership team consists of Tom and I, and our two sons: Ches and Bret. Throughout the years we have experienced much success and have been met with some challenges. Family has and will continue to be the most important priority in our lives, and because of the structure of our business relationships must be nurtured 24-7. As the business grew, our employees have become like family. As you may have guessed, when you work with family sometimes there is conflict.

After our whole family and some employees participated in the Basic, Advanced and Leadership seminars, we realized that our business would benefit and continue to prosper if we brought in the Pathways Seminars to our company.

It was an incredible experience of learning, and applying tools to our personal and professional lives that was specific to each person’s needs, experiences and interaction with co-workers. It was an opportunity to better understand our role in responding and reacting in a way that is conducive to positive communication. We found that the interactive cooperative learning environment taught us to put the lessons into action immediately. We used the tools to communicate and work through conflicts and develop relationships that were based on honesty and integrity.

Our employees and family learned how to cope and actively accept and initiate change in an organic environment. We were finally able to speak the same language and understand each other fully. The difference in our interactions and communication was immediate and continues to flourish. With most leadership seminars the training ends the moment you walk out the door unlike Pathways where the support and learning continues long after. We are still very amazed that we can pick up the phone and still get wonderful support from the leaders and associates in the Pathways organization. If all corporations were to bring this learning process to their people the working world would become much more cohesive environment.

Our business is to sell memories; with Pathways we have been able to create memories”

April and Tom Dougherty Owners, Studio 2015 Jewelry

“I am the Hygienist and Office Manager of a Dental practice. When I started work in my current Office; I suggested the Dentist and owner of the practice attend Pathways to see what tools were available to improve the office communication both with the staff and the patients. He attended Basic and Advanced and we then made the decision to send 4 of our staff to Basic as well.

As a result, we have been able to improve the overall communication in the office, reduce misunderstandings and become a closer more caring group. We are able to set goals and create better agreements with each other and our patients. By using the tools we learned in Basic, what once had small conflicts and assumptions turning into unmanageable problems and hurt feelings now is an opportunity to create something better for everyone involved. We have a common framework to sort out misunderstandings and for creating connections in a deeper way.

Personally, the ability to create and sustain the support needed to attain the office goals is amazing. Having the support of the Pathways organization behind us has been an invaluable tool in facing each challenge as it presents itself. I would highly recommend this program to any office to get clear on goals, get specific about what type of practice you want and to have the communication tools to bring the best of every staff member to the top to provide excellent care for the patients.”

Kathleen Nau Dental Hygienist

“As a physician, I am naturally skeptical of lofty claims especially when presented by groups that are not led by physicians, psychiatrists or psychologists and I hesitated before attending seminars. However my wife had decided to take the Seminars and I decided that I should take the time to spend with her.

This seminar turned out to be the best investment I ever made both professionally as a physician and personally as a husband and parent.

As a busy physician with incessant demands on my time and energy, I had found that I was spending too much time doing things that I found neither personally or financially rewarding. I was neglecting areas in my life that I thought were important but for which I felt I could not afford the time. I was unaware that my wife and children felt that my job and patients were more important to me than they were.

The Pathways seminars supported me in defining what was really important to me. They allowed me to understand what really contributed to the quality of my life and what made me happy. The courses allowed me to let go of past pain and belief systems that held me back from achieving my goals.

My relationships with the people who are important to me have improved beyond what I could ever have anticipated. My effectiveness as a physician has improved enormously and this is reflected in both patient satisfaction and income.

I have referred many friends, physicians and patients to these seminars and I continue to do so.”

Brian Penney Physician

“The Management Basics seminar engaged, challenged and empowered our entire group, which was comprised of managers at all business levels, with widely varied skillsets. We were able to identify our individual strengths, weaknesses and comfort zones, and worked collaboratively to explore strategies to lead more effectively. This multi-perspective approach gave us insight into the best way to communicate with our direct reports and peers, and gave us tools to foster a culture of trust, accountability and integrity”

Laura Schreiber Vice President of Onboarding & Development