Day 3: Saturday

  • Protection vs. Growth: Every moment we are reacting to events around us.  We will explore what it means to react to protect ourselves vs reacting in ways that bring us closer to our goals.
  • Roles that we play (Victim, Martyr, Villain, Leader):  Each participant will have the opportunity to identify their own reactions and ways to do something differently to create more desired results.
  • Conforming our actions to our words:  Do we walk the talk?  If we say we want something, do our actions lead us toward or away from that goal?  Participants will be able to take a fresh look at their words and actions – is this the message they really want to give?
  • Letting go of the past to reshape our future:  We can all learn from the past but we cannot get stuck in the past.  Participants will have an opportunity to look at what they may be holding on to that is holding them back.
  • Responsibility: Personal responsibility is fundamental to the Pathways Seminars.  Participants will examine ways that they do and do not take responsibility for the results in their lives.


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