If a couple sees all sides of each other, without secrets, and love each other, they will love forever. It is when we begin to hold back and retreat that love dies. It isn’t that we fall out of love, it’s that we stop showing up in the relationship.

This weekend getaway is designed to support you in creating a stronger, more loving and supportive relationship.

You and your partner will learn to overcome common relationship obstacles and learn definitive communication tools to support you in creating more intimacy and a deeper, more fulfilled connection with your partner. You will be able to bring in more fun and excitement to your relationship. Many couples say that they fall in love all over again-only it is better than when they first met!

This course is for couples (married or not) who are committed to each other and to the growth of their relationship. Both people must have completed the Basic Course before attending Couples. The minimum age is 18 if married, 21 otherwise.


Per couple $2,295 USD
In addition to the course, tuition covers overnight accommodations on Friday and Saturday and meals throughout the weekend. The full amount of the tuition is non-refundable