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At this time of year, it is great to take a step back and reflect on our year, and see how we have been able to make an impact on those around us. Have we stepped outside of our comfort zones in order to create the kind of world we want to live in? Maybe we want to make an even greater impact next year. Below, we have a story from grad Nicole Unger about what she has done recently to step up and make a change in her workplace. What can you do to make your workplace or home a more loving, caring environment? Let her story inspire you to make 2017 your greatest year yet!

“One of my goals was about work and the negativity in the past year. I spoke up at a nurses meeting and read what I have copied below. They loved it so much that they wanted me to read it at a department meeting, which I had planned on anyway. And they all loved it so much they asked me to send it out, which led to the CNO who loved it and sent it to the CEO…. I also copied just a few of the responses I’ve received thus far. My thoughts were “be the change I wish to see”, that it would be contagious. I can not change others but it all starts with me. And so far it appears as though most were feeling the same way, just didn’t speak up about it. Which is hard to do, I understand. It was hard to do for me, but I did it anyway. And now look. I has spread and grown. It has created a conversation and awareness of the department, and really the whole organization. I have inspired and so I wanted to share with you what one leap of courage can create. Endless possibilities.

Since Advanced I have grown this enormous sense of trust. Trust in myself and the universe. It feels amazing and light and wonderful.


****Hello All! I had shared something in our recent charge nurse meeting and the acute care meeting. Since not all of you were there I would like to share it with you all here!

I’ve really noticed lately how much complaining and gossiping floats around acute care. Its been going on a good year now, since a lot of changes starting happening, and now its just a daily occurrence. When I see this I take it to mean a few different things. First that this is just a job and it is not being taken seriously. That I may be gossiped about as well, and that there is not enough integrity or courage to stop the gossip or confront an issue or a person. I’ve been ignoring it and avoiding it. I don’t speak my mind when I am in this kind of situation which shows my lack of integrity and courage. What I want to have is the strength to say what I want to say. To have a unit that is close, responsible, open and caring. A unit that solves problems instead of creating negativity. I am committed to stop ignoring the gossip and avoiding the negativity. To speaking up when I do see or hear it, and to asking for support with this. What I most want you to know is that I am committed to this because I value myself, my career and each and every one of you!

Thank you!****

Thanks for speaking up. I agree the negativity and gossip have been very prominent lately. I think we all, myself included, could do a better job of lifting each other up and focusing on the positive aspects of our unit. I’ve been trying to work on it and your email was a great reminder to keep it up!

Wow Nicole this email is very compelling… I hope that this can encourage others to find the strength to feel the same way. I also think this is so valid on every unit. Thank You so much for all that you do. Hopefully others start thinking the same way

I love you Nicole!!! What a great message. Well written!!
I would love to use team steps with you to help stop the negativity.

With Peace and Love,

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