Continuing Your Journey

Ryan Hutmacher, Graduate 2002.

Now that you’ve completed the Basic Seminar, are you ready to learn more about yourself in Advanced?

Basic is a chance to answer a lot of questions for yourself. To experience an increase in energy, interest, and clarity. To identify the relationships you want to build and work on. It’s also just the tip of the iceberg.

The Advanced Seminar is where we continue to solidify the skills gained in Basic and intensify your focus to realize the goals you’ve set for yourself and the changes you want to make in your life. In Basic, you’ll establish your vision and goals and start walking toward them. In Advanced, you’ll build upon that pace and be running toward them with passion. Graduates of Advanced who have faced death, divorce, job loss, and other life situations have found that they handle them with a greater sense of calm, understanding, insight, and direction.

Advanced Seminar

The Pathways to Successful Living Advanced Seminar is a 5-day immersive experience that starts where Basic left off and builds upon those concepts. The Advanced Seminar doesn’t necessarily go deeper into the Basic concepts, but rather, starts to explore how those concepts show up in your everyday life.

Some of the themes explored throughout the week are living with integrity, asking for and offering support, connecting to your inner passion, and addressing unresolved issues. We also work on overcoming the beliefs and fears that hold you back so that you can achieve your wildest dreams.

The Advanced Seminar is uniquely customized to each classes’ needs, so every session is completely different. However, here are some of the results you can expect.

  • A passionate commitment to your goals and dreams
  • Greater freedom and ease in expressing thoughts and feelings, clearly and honestly
  • Greater compassion, acceptance and connection to self and others
  • A reduction in unproductive behavior and quickly getting back on track
  • A deeper sense of inner peace, joy and being in the present moment
  • The ability to reach your dreams faster and with more ease


Adults 23 years and older $1,995 USD
Young adults 13 – 22 years old $1,295 USD
Repeat attendees $1,295 USD

Lodging for 4 nights is included in the seminar tuition. Food costs are not included.